Our booking options

Be it an evening event, trade fairs lasting several days, long roadshows or permanent installations – for each event, we have the fitting, cost-efficient package for you.

Full service

With this all-round worry-free package, we provide for you, beginning with individual coordination and finishing off with complete logistics planning, including everything to ensure that the event runs seamlessly and successfully. Our certified staff takes on assembly and dismantling, operation of the module to ensure maximum output capacity, as well as care of your guests. Key hardware components will always been supplied in adequate quantity to ensure maximum availability.

Dry-Hire / Long-term rental

Ideal for events lasting several days or occurring regularly, such as roadshows or temporary permanent installations. In this case, your staff will be trained to use our systems to allow for routine operation. Our trainers will accompany you during the first few days, while we will be available by phone and remote access for you with advice and assistance during the entire duration of the event.

Sales System

For long-term applications and permanent installations we also offer all modules as sales systems. In the process, the selected imaging module will be optimally aligned to your needs and adapted to the workflow of your event-application with the help of customized programming. With our training, we will prepare you and your staff to operate the system independently. A variety of support packets will allow you to take advantage of our competencies, creativity, as well as our image and video databases after the sale. As manufacturer, we can customize the visual appearance of our event modules to your wishes, for example by applying colour powder coating or making structural modifications.