The Foto-Mosaic® is presented as a beamer projection in animated form during the event. Here each guests can track live where their own photo will land in the large mosaic puzzle. Here, two visual versions are possible.


These can be presented live during the event from the first photo

In this version, the photos appear individually in their specified position within the picture mosaic. Upon zooming into individual tiles, they are presented without coloring.
To be able to present the single pics version at events, the customer receives a ready to use tool for PC and MAC.
Thanks to a variety of settings, the customer can have influence of the type of animation in advance.


A film as a visual highlight through creative composition.

The version, often used for especially large mosaics, has all the pictures flying across the screen at the same time in a type of choreography to finally come together as a complete mosaic in the end.
As a film with optional background music, the animation can remain a genuine visual highlight even after the event as a film or screensaver.