The photo cabin, a sure-fire success at any event.

The SNAP-BOX® photo cabin is an do-it-yourself imaging module.
The system is a sure-fire success, works independently, provides instructions via touchscreen and prints giveaways with your advertising message reliably in a matter of seconds.

The SNAP-BOX® offers more than just entertainment; it creates the possibility to convey brand-oriented or product-specific communication content in a fun way.

Thanks to its private zone, the Snap-Box® offers visitors the possibility to let go and express themselves to the fullest.
Fun is preprogrammed and new friendships are made.

The perfect to get to know each other in a new way, even for business partners.

Further development of the classic photo booth

The SNAP-BOX® makes more than just nice photos, it can also produce videos and direct image processing in the cabin right after the photo shoot is possible. Be inspired by the versatile possibilities for your event or promotional activity planning, there are no limits to creativity here.

This is because UTC, as a software developer and producer of our own systems, can adapt the SNAP-BOX® module, as well as software and supplements developed by us to the requirements of your activities according to your individual needs. All processes from concept design to the implementation of your events are done in-house and we can therefore guarantee seamless planning from a single source.

The mobile SNAP-BOX® passport photo booth offers your guests the possibility to revive a popular attraction from years past even today:
“squeeze” into an interactive passport photo booth with some friends.

Guests take on an active role, become part of the event concept and take a lasting memory with them.

With the special software developed by UTC, individual picture series can be created in just a few steps using the touchscreen and following the instructions on the monitor. These will be automatically integrated with the CI-compatible layout of your event and then printed out as a giveaway.



Live communication in a completely new dimension.


Branding possibilities

Individually adaptable Snap-Box® Styles

Augmented Reality

With the Augmented Reality functions, the SNAP-BOX expands the perception of participants and observers, quite literally.
The software especially programmed by us creates small video clips and allows for a wide range of applications using computer-assisted gesture control.
Small objects, such as for example hats, glasses, beards or angel wings follow all the movements in front of the camera in real-time on the screen. Participants see themselves on the screen in real-time and thanks to the SNAP-BOX face recognition software, they have the possibility of changing and enhancing their pictures and videos using virtual accessories.
Afterwards, the clip is assigned a personal QR Code, optionally the participant can provide an e-mail address directly in SNAP-BOX to have a link sent.
This attractive tool is available as a self-service module for a display window or placement in a shop.
Customer guidance has never been so much fun. Augmented Reality is the SNAP-BOX style with a risk of addiction!

Share Your GIF

“Share your GIF” combines classic photo printing with animation can be posted and shared online via social networks.
The GIF animation is a moving sequence of images made up of individual pictures using a similar concept to that of a flip book which is very flexible in terms of implementation and design. Therefore, as a customer you can adjust the display time of the pictures as well as set an infinite loop.
The integration of logos, as well as constantly moving objects and texts is easy to do and can serve as an eye catcher and create a dynamic effect.


The Mosaic-Box® is a panel which can be either a free-standing installation or attached to the front side of the SNAP-BOX®.
Images taken in the SNAP-BOX® are merged into a large mosaic using specially programmed software. The printouts are then glued onto a carrier plate until the Mosaic-Box® Motive is merged as a complete set with individually integrated customer logos or motto at the end of the event.
From the images, logos and text, the perfect marketing tool emerges. Whether it’s for product promotion, as a highlight for company events, at trade shows, at sports tournaments – with the compact SNAP-BOX Style Mosaic Box, you are sure to be successful.


The SNAP-BOX as a Purikura machine. – The Japanese word purikura refers to self-adhesive photos which guests can decorate themselves after the photo shoot with predefined motives and virtual props.
Here the idea is not to receive a finished print as a giveaway, but have fun designing the pictures together in the SNAP-BOX® and then exchange the photos between each other.
We can customize the quantity and format of the prints individually to your needs.

Football Shooter

The Football Shooter can be introduced as a supplement for customer football activities. The goal kick is made with a real football in custom designed surroundings.
The football can be shot into a goal or goal wall for example; but using the mechanical Robokeeper by 4attention is also an option.

Football picture cards

The Panini® picture card is as much a part of German football culture as a jersey on a player. The SNAP-BOX® module generates individual adhesive Panini® style picture sheets for indoor and outdoor events.
A old classic has found new opportunities in times of growing digitalization. On that score, with the SNAP-BOX®, UTC! provides an event module which integrates portrait photos in a Panini picture card layout created especially for the event and appointed with the name of the “twelfth player.”
In addition, there is also the option of linking to social networks using a QR code. The entertainment factor of your event is combined with digital media and distribution of your brand message grows regardless of time and place.
The fan receives a giveaway which aside leaving the ideal memory, guarantees an emotional connection with the club and the players, as well as image-building and brand reinforcement.