The Snap-Box offers maximum flexibility

As manufacturer of our imaging modules, we can adapt our systems flexibly to your needs and therefore offer the highest quality.

Snap-Box Solid Configuration

The SNAP-BOX® Solid passport picture booth consists of a solid cabin with stable outer walls which can be furnished in a customer or event design and provided with individual branding for any event. The entire outer surface of the cabin can be covered with foil and a top sign rounds off the advertising image.

The special software developed by UTC guarantees easy and intuitive use of the event module. No matter which version you use, participants can create individual picture series in the passport picture booth in just a few steps by using the touchscreen and following the instructions on the monitor. These will be automatically integrated with the CI-compatible layout of the event and then printed out as a giveaway.

The SNAP-BOX solid is weatherproof and therefore suitable for all outdoor events as well.
Configuration dimensions: Depth: 2.26 m / Width: 1.2 m / Height: 2.2 m

Snap-Box Soft Configuration

The SNAP-BOX® Soft is based on the same technology, but differs fundamentally as regards structure and design.

The classic version is the SNAP-BOX® Soft, a square-shaped cabin made with canvas walls in which participants can create their snapshots behind a curtain using a touchscreen menu.

It is space-saving and easy to assemble. To enhance the effect of the advertising campaign with this event system, branding materials in the form of signs or banners can be attached to the canvas walls or entire canvas walls can be printed.
Configuration dimensions: Depth: 1,5 m / Width: 1.5 m / Height: 2.3 m

Open configuration

This configuration consists of a free-standing SNAP-BOX® module without canvas and without the blue or green box.

Participants start the photo shoot using the touchscreen and then move in front of the logo wall.

The entire housing can be designed with branding prepared by our in-house printing department.

Trade show booth

As manufacturer of our event modules, we can make any kind of modification to adapt a rental or sales system to the requirements of your event location. We will be happy to give you advice on the integration and the mounting of our modules in furniture provided by the customer.

When we install a UTC event module at your trade show booth, we provide you with decorative fabrics (for a customer-provided rear panel for example) or installation materials and coordinate the necessary tasks with the booth builder.

Our project manager can provide you with all the information needed regarding individual system integration and is open to any ideas and wishes.